Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Before being Reanimated

I was on the lake near home,near in south america means 3 hours ride non stop!!!!So anyways i was with all my family there ,we went on the boat and had a major food coma BBQ,like i say make your tummy to say yummy : )After that we had a stop to buy a 10 kilo potato bag for 2 euro,hahahaha ,i love it !!!After that stop the cold hit it me and i started to feel like crap as many you know when i feel like that im more retarded that usual and cant even walk then i went to bed and when i weak up i was like blue and the rest is story....Got some major bruises on my arms but my mum dont let me to take pics cos once i send it one to her and she was Furious !!!
I think is hot ,looks like im junky ,and me like it !!!I have to say that being in Belgium for so long make me forget about mountains and nature,lakes and animals,and also about the normal people ,i mean people still dress in the old way ,like with ponchos and sandals and velt hats on the country side .And in the city i just dont wanna comment cos is TERRIBLE,i might start a fashion donts in Bogota,cos im trully shocked!

the colorfull life of lucy moreno

Im happy that just Damien and Daniel saw me with the horrendous Blue and green hair! and they didnt ta ke a photo of that

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

People Want to be me ? hello

Daniel dress with my clothes in a Belgrade photoshoot for our friend Slobodan ....And Pun dress like me in Fanklub