Friday, 25 May 2012


After 4 hours of intensive work at the hair salon I got my grey /platinum blond hair.
That made me happy.
I'm me.
I'm back.


                                                                                                          Is not a secret I been depress for a while,I been living with few songs this days.
This are some of them.
I truly love this songs,lyrics are major.

Monday, 21 May 2012


For me there is nothing like winter, I love to feel cold wind on my face,I'm asthmatic and the air in winter always made me feel like new,is so pure and fresh I barely got sick during the season.
Another thing I love is to play outside with friends,cook delicious meals at home,go ice skating in the park's ,and for someone like me who isn't very sporty believe it or not I love all winter sports and I'm not that bad practicing them.
Winter will always be my favourite season.
Nothing like a winter meal and cuddle next to fire place.

Sunday, 20 May 2012


I love straws,specially paper waxed straws.
A couple of years ago I made this sculpture,everything is hand painted and hand glue it.
I own my place in heaven just because my huge devotion and patience.
I'm planing a new installation for an exhibition I have next year in Belgium and i will probably do it with straws,if I'm able to find the amount I need ....

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I always had a fascination with beds and bedrooms.
Bed's are so personal,bedrooms are individuals comfort zone.
My bed is my safe place, before being here I used to do lots of sleepover with my friends.
I really have bed time stories, is funny because when we talk in Skype we still laugh about some of them.
I would need to open a new blog just to tell all those stories,really they are a lot and If had to make a list of the people I had sleep with,the list will be endless. (with sleep I mean sleep,if you know what I mean).

My room where ever I'm in the world would always be me, my room is who I am and the only place where I really Im myself.
One of my favourite art works is actually Tracy Emin's - My bed- ( And is the fantastic bed in the middle).
And some of the photo's above are my friend's bedroom's others are from magazine,and one specially used to be mine...

Lucy's sleeping facts.
+I like to heard stories before falling sleep.
+I have a little pillow,that 2 of my best friends bought for me in Berlin, there hasn't been a day in which I didn't sleep with it.
+I'm very sensitive to light so mostly I wear a sleeping mask and I have double blackout.
+I love to sleep with a hoodie.
+I made my own bed from scratch.
+I love pillows,got 6.
+Everything in my bed is white.
+I always have near :bottle of water,my glasses,my macbook,a sketchbook and a pencil.
+I love naps.
+I love to make tents and play monopoly in bed.
+Most of the time I read up 3 book's at the same time.
+I never ever go to bed without cleaning my face (not even when Im dead drunk)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I love cotton candy,even if my stomach wants to kill me after.
I also love cotton candy hair.

I say fuck it,
I'm so tired of this fucking hair colour I have now,
I'm back to myself,
I need to be me.
I'm going back to cotton candy.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


I love the space,I love clothes ,shoes and I mean anything with space prints, one of my favourite movies is Space Odyssey and my ultimate favourite website is I'm not a nerd really, the photos there are breath taking I never go bored there. 
And if you love the space as much as I do I also recommend also incredible galleries from photos taken by the telescope.
If you are on twitter and you like to see beautiful photos instead of verbal diarrhea from a bunch of losers follow them ,is truly major.