Thursday, 10 May 2012


So,yeah I studied Ceramics BA and have 2 Master's in Arts....
But I wouldn't call myself an artist, I never really trust ,care or give a shit about a title.
And call myself an artist is just something I WILL NEVER DO.
But,I cannot deny who I am.
I grew up in an artistic family, a very independent artistic school and I graduated with honours from one of the oldest Academies in the world (350 years ,this year)....
I love to draw and make things in clay ,plaster ,porcelain,wood,you name it.
This photos are from friends of mine studios and I wish I had more photos,makes me feel so retarded that I don't have more of it,my friends are the most talented bitches you will ever meet.
I might start looking for photos of my dad's studio as well,because is an important part of me,when I grew up his studio was like wonderland to me.I will never forget the smell of oil painting ,white spirit and turpentine.