Sunday, 13 May 2012


If you haven't notice it I only wear Prada glasses.
The quality is amazing, I wear glasses since my 19th birthday and so far I have broken lots of them Gucci,Diesel,Chanel,all kind of vintage you name it.
But Prada has survived my wild on kind of life and all of them still like new.
I thought I will be broke for the rest of my life but had to buy the oxford platforms from Real Fantasies,I suffer for months because they where sold out,when I finally bought them they got lost in the mail....But finally after fighting with the Dutch mail I GOT THEM!
Honestly Real fantasies had huge impact on my pocket because I also bought the banana skirt.
But,what I wanna say is that one of my favourite brands would always be Prada, Miuccia is my God.