Friday, 11 May 2012


I never really wear rings, earrings , or any kind of jewels. I think they are pretty and I have many jewelers friends that make amazing stuff but honestly I just feel uncomfy with them.
And this are probably the reasons why:
1.Maybe I don't like them because in my house nobody ever wore even a watch,my parents never used a marriage ring and my mom barely uses earrings.
2.I always have my hands busy with something, paint,clay,plaster....So,If you are a creative person and you wear rings you feel very limited, for me is like been handicap (sorry to say that but I mean my hands are very important to me)
3.I need my hands to be free.
But still my favourite gem stone is Amethyst, I just love the geometric shapes the earthy look and the colour, not that I am found of violet but I like it.