Monday, 28 January 2008

jungle times

so i was at my parents place for like two weeks,was nice to see all the animals,leopards are hotter in real i try to run after a baby leopart to get myself a pair of shoes,just jocking....Yeah rigth.
Food was major but i feel like a whale now,detox is on ,like really,i was not doing much and eating was favorite thing to do .
Landscapes where mega nice as always,new year was super horrible i was forced to be home cos they had too much fireworks that will hurt me cos of of the asthma,them i cudnt drink cos i was taking antibiotics,in the end i went to sleep at 1 am ,waoooo .During my best Antwerp years i will be drunk at the schelde till seven am .having shoots with the babes.
One day we had a day trip to the coffee park ,i can tell you was really waooo ,like this fun park on the andes mountains with bumper boats and rollercoaster runnibg down the mountain,that was fun !!!
I met Juan Valdez Colombian must famous coffee symbol,that park was loaded with turist really bad dress,like in colombia if you are in hollidays mean you have to wear sweat pants and white t shirt inside the pants and a oversized hat .i was like i feel in east europe back in the 70s.
One day we went to this loco town where was like invasion of iguanas i was holli shit this is like crazy ,those animals are like huge here ,like a middle size dog .So huge,i bet alll this town eats them cos they have lots of them.Gross.....