Thursday, 24 September 2009

Current obsession..... Hamburguers

All this is MAJOR and i wanted all,there are so many things i want is horrible.....
But Hamburguers is something i love !!!!!!!!!
And since i discover this new movie about meat balls all i have in my mind is going to the Dinner in London and eat the mexican burguer,yummmmmmmmmmmssssssss

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

I know is going to be my favourite movie of this year,Hamburger and Spaghetti rain just sounds like dreamland to me!!!! I would had loved to watch this movie with one person in particular,but that's impossible. : (

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pierre Debusschere in Dazed Digital

One of Dazed's favorite photographers and an amazing video producer, Pierre Debusschere is now showing his new exhibition “True Stone” just inaugurated in Portugal and soon coming to London. Debusschere talks to Dazed about his perspectives on work and life...

Pierre hits London and Porto with his new work !!!!
Wrong Weather, Av. da Boavista, 754, Porto, Portugal and Electric Blue Gallery, 64 Middlesex Street, E1 7EZ London.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Tenori-on is an electronic musical instrument, designed and created by Japanese artist Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishibori of the Music and Human Interface Group, Yamaha Center for Advanced Sound Technology. It consists of a screen, held in the hands, of a sixteen by sixteen grid of LED switches, any of which can be activated in a number of ways to create an evolving musical soundscape.
The best "Toy" i've seen in a while and i totally want it!!!!

William Castle

Fifty years ago , journeyman director William Castle took out an insurance policy in case anyone died of fright during his first independent production, Macabre. Over the next seven years, Castle became the king of the gimmicks, as he promoted his pictures with hokey processes like Emergo, Percepto and Illusion-O,13 Ghosts......


i want this book,and be adopted by this family!

Elephant Palace on the Champs-Élysées

The engineer Charles François Ribart proposed a gigantic fountain in the shape of a triumphal elephant in honor of King Louis XV to be ereceted in a park on the Champs Elysées in Paris. Sectional views inside the elephant reveal a ballroom, bedrooms, and a dining room decorated as a forest.
"Profil de l’Edifice sur la Longueur"
from Charles François Ribart
Architecture Singulière. L’elephant triomphal. Grand kiosque a la gloire du roi
Paris: P. Patte, 1758

One of my favourite movies METROPOLIS

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is very much a film that could only have been made in 1920’s Berlin, where the decadence of the cosmopolitan elite rubbed against the struggles of the working man like salt against a razor wound. Where gentlemen clubs existed off of Unter der Linden based around the concept of gang sodomizing, then consuming geese; where helmet-haired starlets pranced naked in winter down Friedrichstrasse, clad only in mink and garters; where the saying went that cocaine replaced water from the flowing faucets of Charlottenberg’s penthouses; and where, beneath all this excess, the working class seethed, wanting some semblance of sanity restored to their lives as they did everything humanly possible to keep their families’ heads above water.

JC/DC lego !!!!

Actually you can always contact Lego in Denmark and present them your project if is catchy enough they will help you to make it Real.
I love Lego and one of my favourite places in Europe is LEGOLAND.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

ME,cos i Love myself!

After i left London in january they where lots of snow storms...and my BF Pun made this for me!
Loves it !!

I want this amazing heels NOW

Alexander Wang heels S/S 2010 are dreamy!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Friday, 18 September 2009

Pierre Debusschere exhibition !!!

Electric Blue Gallery
64 Middlesex Street
London, E1 7EZ

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lourdes celabration tour teaser!!!

Lourdes is Major,and rumor says that there is also a Rocco teaser!!!

My favorite Colour is LEOPARD

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I hope they come back soon I miss them

Cancer is a terrible thing,I hope Adam Yauch recovers very soon from that shit!!!
I miss them I am huge fan since i was like 12,i grew up with their music,and i find their videos an amazing source of inspiration,so timeless!!!
I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

explosions,implosions and bombs !!!!!!!!!

They almost never happend for good reasons,i know about that because i have seen it,in Colombia many Bombs exloded and killed many during the cartel of drugs war back in the 80's-90's and we are also located on the fire belt of the planet that means lots of earthquakes and volcanoe eruptions,Colombia is what i call a HAWT and FIRE country!

I love Explosions,Ben Grasso new work

Ben Grasso’s recent work of oil on canvas and charcoal on paper is all about explosion. Houses erupt, missiles hit gas stations, fragments of wood are like confetti against the blue sky. Grasso’s paintings are colourful, with backgrounds that are almost cheerful in the face of disaster. His charcoal drawings are large and expressive and have an old-fashioned newspaper feel to them. Action movie or imminent danger? All we can be sure of is that Grasso’s work has impact. And plenty of it.

Amazing pet Shop Boys performance at the Britzzz!!!

I mean GaGa+Brandon Flowers and the Pet Shop Boys ,nothing gets hotter than this!
Just please someone get to Brandon a new Jacket,i like it but he wears it all the time!!!EWWW

Andrea Cammarosano in DazedDigital

After graduating last June, Andrea Cammarosano started working for Walter van Beirendonck where he assisted in designing and curating a line of accessories, leaving him enough time to continue creating collections under his name. Focusing on the very experimental side of fashion, “because I believe that's what brings me most joy and understanding”, his last collection, 'Bury Me Standing', presented between Vienna and Arnhem, was made with great extreme. He researched the idea of clothing as 'protection' and 'identity'. Identity was represented by surreal military clothing. "This kind of clothing is extremely codified and i believe it is the ultimate language of fashion." With that, he created 6 different polyester protective cocoons that encapsulated the body and forced it in upright position.

Touch of Class

One of my favorite bitches in the world!
Pun and me in London ,last Christmas...

I dont do candy but this is HAWT


Watermelon slice

Green Apple

From Massimo Gammacurta released these during fashion week and made lollipops using the Chanel, Gucci, YSL and Louis Vuitton logos. The lollipops come in flavors such as watermelon, pomegranate, caramel, lilac, wild cherry and green apple. Talk about the ultimate luxury – these would be fleeting, yet utterly decadent treats!

I culdn't agry more!!!!

Thanks Uncle!

Fratelli Alinari

Fratelli Alinari is the world's oldest photographic firm founded in Florence, Italy in 1852. Its archives contain 3.5 million photographs, ranging from daguerreotypes to modern digital photos.
In 1852, Leopoldo Alinari, with his brothers Giuseppe and Romualdo, founded the photographic workshop specializing in photographic portraiture, photos of art and historical monuments.The firm is still located in Florence and it now specializes in current professional technology.

Pedro Meyer

Meyer evolved from a documentary photographer who created so-called “straight photographs” into a digital-documentarian who often combines photographic elements from disparate times and places to arrive at a different or higher truth.
Pedro Meyer book "Heresies" is AMAZING!!!!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009


some photos from last weekend in Cali ,Colombia.