Friday, 21 October 2011


I have never been the kind of girl who wears rings or earrings but I do like them,I like jewels and stones but would never wear them.
But nails are something that obsessed me all my life just as hair,I dip dye my hair back in 2006,since then I been blonde.Nails is a different and I love to collect them,got so many and every week I change for a new one.Honestly I rather be naked than without a good manipedi.
Some of my favourite are Chanel jade rose and jade green,MAC nocturnelle and Kleancolor neon orange.


I love this drawings so much,they are made by two of my friends at work,I think they are hilarious because of the glasses and my dip dye hair.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


This is some of the work of my dear friend Sussana, hailing from Trieste and living in Milan,she is a super talented graphic designer and a loved friend,if you don't believe it ask her childhood friend and enfant terrible Mr Andrea Cammarosano.
If you wanna see more from Sussana's beautiful book cover's go to her blog.
I heart Trieste.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


I'm a huge fan of Tracey Emin's work,I like how personal it is and the fact that she is an amazing story teller.
Im so sad i missed her latest big exhibition "Love is what you want",in fact I totally hate to be here,I am missing most of my favourite artist exhibits and gigs.
Writing this I remember that last time I was in Antwerp my friend Pascal bought her book and every night when i went to bed I read a little bit and tried to guess what was on her mind when she did some of her works.
Some of my favourites are all the appliqu├ęs she does,my bed and everyone I have ever slept.
If I ever do that list it could be endless as i have sleep with most of my friends,don't think wrong but I'm a sleepover fan...Still the list is long.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


My Antwerp founded club is back in business
Yes,I decided to start it again and do some more fun things and projects.
I will post soon all the major photos I have from before.
Many,many very famous hands !


I want to crawl inside your head
And sleep for a while
Keep my eyes closed
Until they forget to open.


*Free your heart from hatred.
*Free your mind from worries.
*Live simply (I'm sorry I just can't)
*Give more.
*Expect less (I know that,I trust nobody)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Friday, 7 October 2011


Me at work looking uhmmmm colourfull. Thanks.


Once more I started my treatment,I don't mind needles or sitting for 4 hours in the hospital (because I always have my iPod on and some magz in hand) .But what really bugs me off is the bruises I get, most of my friends are even more ivory that me but nobody beats me in getting bruises. 
I totally look like I'm deep in drugs and is so normal to get people staring at my arms,like who cares.
The worst things was that I got so stressed out because retarded as I am,i wore one of my favourite black dresses and most of the time I was thinking that was going to get all wrinkled.
Anyway today was day 1 and I still have 9 more to come before the month is finish,more bruises to come and more playlists to prepare,audiobooks anyone?

Monday, 3 October 2011



Im not much of a religious person,in fact i never go to church,mostly cos i actually never did the communion or any of those rituals.
But I love architecture and frescos so I am huge fan of visiting churches,only bad thing your neck from looking so much up.
With the photos one day could be cool to make some rad digital prints on scarfs.


Nothing like a platinum fringe and a small pastel colour touch.