Thursday, 13 October 2011


I'm a huge fan of Tracey Emin's work,I like how personal it is and the fact that she is an amazing story teller.
Im so sad i missed her latest big exhibition "Love is what you want",in fact I totally hate to be here,I am missing most of my favourite artist exhibits and gigs.
Writing this I remember that last time I was in Antwerp my friend Pascal bought her book and every night when i went to bed I read a little bit and tried to guess what was on her mind when she did some of her works.
Some of my favourites are all the appliqu├ęs she does,my bed and everyone I have ever slept.
If I ever do that list it could be endless as i have sleep with most of my friends,don't think wrong but I'm a sleepover fan...Still the list is long.