Friday, 27 August 2010



fondant,food colouring (1 colour is enough, but if you want, also use black for the nose and pupils)
filling (anything firm–marzipan, nut paste, ganache, fudge, even peanut butter mixed with confectioner’s sugar, or a marshmallow)

1. tint one big walnut chunk sized hunk of fondant any colour you want. knead until smooth and pliable. knead a smaller fat nut sized ball of white fondant. the fondant is easy to work with (like that play dough stuff) and pieces will stick to each other with little effort
2. shape coloured chunk into a rough egg or strawberry shape. you can also wrap it around a small ball of filling. roll a bit of the coloured chunk into a fat rope and cut into four pieces at a diagonal. roll out two little balls of white, and and even littler ball. flatten out a bit of the white fondant into an oval-shape that is larger on one end.
3. stick two of the rope pieces on the top of the coloured egg piece for ears, two on the sides for arms. smooth the white oval about halfway down the coloured egg shape and fold the rest underneath. flatten out the two bigger white balls and place on either side of the smaller white ball for a face.
4. use a toothpick dipped in dark food colouring to colour in the nose bit, add pupils, mouth, and um, totoro chest hair.
I found this major recipe at

Because in the end what i want to do is cupcakes like this:


We never know what we have till we lose it…. For many of you in Japan that studied or that visited your friends in ANTWERP,might remember the Club call Cafe Capital at the city park. Last night “aparently” a freak set fire an burned the club down.Police found traces of gasoline in the area…I just read….

How many of you remember the last Fanklub parties there or Blast your Ghetto?
How many of you have your photo take there?
How many of you only when out to party when Erwin and Pascal where playing?
How have happy memories from partying there?

I really feel sad…………… My last photo there back in January.

photos by ,blast your ghetto,and my friends mobile uploads in facebook


I love this video and actually happend in Brazil this week,althougth is beautiful wildfires are eating all the forest in Bolivia and Brazil : (
Almost half Bolivia is cover in ashes and smoke and Brazil is not doing better either...
We need rain ,lots of RAIN !!!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Fresh press juice in the morning !


I never been a sunny person ,i always like more winter and cold
Always hiding from the sun,never wanted to be tan.
I realize,i have certain passion for grey skies and rain.
the cities i like most,the places where i have lived.....
Where i will move next?


I interview my dear friend Heaven about his collaboration with Juun J with his latest collection at Paris Fashion week.Read more at

Monday, 23 August 2010


Since i was a small child i been collecting images,in my times and i am not that old we didnt have such thing as the internet,so i cut all the pages from magazines with images i like,made collages or just keep all those cut outs in folrders,i still have all this pages in boxes at my parents place and i keep them as a treasure.Now with technology and internet i have lots of lots of archives in my computer with more and more images,i will love to print them all and have a wall with all my child cut outs and a wall with all my digital prints! The other day i discover a new website,made by some freak like me,with similar art taste,i got this images from there….And u know what ? i dont want to share the site ,hahahaha


LSCFJ you might think like WTF is that ??? Well my dear  friends that means LIKE SOME CAT FROM JAPAN. And they are like the hotest dj’s in the hood,hailing from Chili and Bogota,based in Colombia ,they are playing for the likes of Vive la Fete and Crystal Castels,one of them is also one of the most amazing fashion photographers around,and i was you i will come and party in Bogota,i mean hello we are in the same Pacific Ocean !!!!

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Yesterday i went to the 1st birthday of my friends niece , grandma made the cake and mum eat the top of  while still warm out of the oven ,so then we had to cover the holes she made with eatable stars and dinosaurs....Sara didnt eat cake ,she was full because she ate all afternoon guavas,salt cookies and chicken soup,yums..... tomorrow backjardigans party !


Hailing from The Netherlands but based in Antwerp,graduated from the Royal Academy ,he is one of the biggest new talents in town,multidisiplinary artist inspired by youth and superficiality.He brings as his first book,a recopilation of all his works made with all kind of materials and interventions in public spaces.

To know more about it check his website: Or read the opcoming interview with him in Dazed Digital .

All photos by Petrus Heeren

Thursday, 19 August 2010


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ,i cannot wait !! because
1. I read all the books (several times)
2.Every movie gets darker and darker ( and i love that)
3.i love the light that comes out the wands
4.Malfoy ( he is FIRE)
5.I am curious how is going to be the last battle

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Narelle Dore / Ra shop

Australian designer Narelle Dore hosted an intimate presentation of her autumn winter 2010-11 collection as an afternoon tea in the back garden and atrium of ra. her capsule of twenty handmade pieces was based on a series of pinhole camera photos narelle made at the salt lakes near her hometown of Perth in Australia.

“the way the film captured the sunlight and harsh environment with an unfocused softness inspired the use of linens, suede, sanded silks and lasercut/burnt leather. i wanted to translate sun rays like amulets, to be incorporated into the cuts and textile effects.”

Monday, 16 August 2010


Yesterday we went to visit the land my cousin just bought ,we drove for 20 min up the mountain  and found this amazing forest were my brother would make his dream house.
Honestly i would just have a tent , make a fire ,eat hotdogs and marshmallows ,maybe mushrooms and be forever there ....The naure there is totally virgin and wild,just thinking about bricks and workers over there make me feel sad.
I loved the view over the Bogota valley  and the wild berries everywere.
i didnt like that was even more cold than the city and humed like the jungle,maybe i am just to use now to all the pollution in Bogota.