Saturday, 29 September 2007

after 2 days....

im here in Bogota,i arrive as a miracle after a very very long night,a car accident,a forgoten wallet,a grandpa driving me to schipol and 2 bottles of wine.
After two days here i reckon ,i will need more face creams that i thought,polution here is like crazy! Boys are not hot at all ,well i just visit the airport and a mall and i didnt see any meat.....
Im just looking for a job and i hope i get one soon ,im hiting the couch at my bros small apartment and is not fun at all ,the only thing im happy about it is the 300 tv channels he has!!!
I been most of time in front of the computer waiting for somebody to write me and been in tears ,this is such a cultural shock i dont feel home here at at all ,im just thinking ohh i wanna go for coffeetje to mockamore,and 5 min later im like puff im not in antwerp.....Taking the bus here is another pain in the ass ,yesterday i went to visit my cousin and spend 2 hours in the bus cos my brother didnt wanna give me the car,people look at me like is was from another planet so i decide to keep it real and make my hair pink.
To all of you i miss you very much ,and believe me if it was in my hands i was taking the first plane back,a friend of my parents asked me yesterday Colombia or Belgium and i didnt hesitate in less than a sec i was Belgium ,you know not for the country but for my babes.
I will be posting soon some high Fashion shoots from here ,you will be shock ,people talk to me in english on the street and im like hello im from here yo all.
hahahaha sick.