Tuesday, 9 October 2007

From Jeremy to Chloe to Alaia to Cassete Playa?

Being in a place where fashion doesnt exist or just people dont really understand or care about it,is very difficult and weird even for me that im actually from here....
Im in shock and i feel very weird and unconfortable be just even walking in the street,many people aproach me and talk to me in english and people call me Mona (blondy) in the streets.Does Fashion change me or i just dont fit anymore in what once i thougth was normal? Where the standartswent and why are we so obsess about fashion?
Why people dont care and why people dont want to look Mazing and try something else,last time i camen here 4 years ago people were wearing the same stuff ,everybody look in uniforms,jeans,jeans,jeans and more jeans.The 80´s and 90`s arrive here and that was it ,stop!!!!
I feel like runing down the streets and give free magazines,does people even heard about Vogue? hello thats most read book after Bible and Coran im sure.
I feel like im freaking out here ,even all billboards on the streets are loaded with what they call "top models".See fake blonds (not like me),with huge breast stuffed in silicone and curves everywhere ,contact lenses in green and blue are the plat du jour here.What is all this beuty missconception ,is this the south american beauty ideal?
Im so into size zero ,thanks god there is internet and magazines otherways i dont know how i will be doing my time here!