Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Welcome to the Happy Hands Club, a place where your hands meet your wrist. We at Happy Hands feel that if you love your Hands they will love you back. In our crazy world, we believe that our precious Hands are often neglected and uncared for. So it is our mission to create a safe and caring atmosphere where everybodys Hands will always be Happy. This is not simply a club, we have created a new way of life. So here at the RULES BITCH.
1.Your hands must be happy
2.No marks or scars from sewing ,cutting or dying FABRIC
 3.Your middle finger most be the longest and the thumb must be the thickest
 4.No worts ,pimples or hairy palms
5.No cuticles or dirt under the finger nails (girls always use red or leopard nail polish)
6.If your hands weight more than your feet your hands must DIET
7.You dont make friends with Dirty Hands Club !!!
8.You dont talk bad or make fun about Happy Hands Club
9.No scars from hammer,polyester,mould making or any other sculpture bussines.

I used to have a club called HappyNation in myspace,not many people sended photos,,,,,thanks.
So actually Nicola Formichetti was our only happy winner,,,,he has an amazing pair of hands!!!! This was a couple of years ago and still when i meet him in january he was still wondering for his award,I guess when i come back in december i have to give him something.