Friday, 17 September 2010


The Fashionable Futurist, is a fanzine for all things stylish, futuristic and geeky.

It aims to bring together a wealth of imagery, technology, silhouettes and new environments from around the globe to eager print geeks, image junkies, and those who like reading The Fortean Times, watching X Files and spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet- and in alternate realities.

The small team of editors, writers and contributors are hoping to raise $10,000 to print and internationally distribute our official launch issue, L_A_N 2. Worked hard for several months to create this inspiring product and have found that just ‘doing a digital version’ of the magazine will not do the buty of the content justice, as it is intended to be printed in full color and portrait A3 (that’s 297×420 mm). As Dazed and Confused describes it, L_A_N “opens up to exactly the size of a deluxe Mac screen.”
Our second issue’s theme is – “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” – Plutarch

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Help L_A_N to raise enough money to print the second issue,Veronica is also one third of the hacker punk band TEETH.and you can have them playing at your party or a life subscription to the magazine for a small amount of money ,you never know maybe the magazine gets so big that you wish u have helped them with some money some years ago,think in the future ,think in L_A_N .

Pledge $15 or more Digital copies of issue 1 & 2 and an exclusive L_A_N mixtape by Nigel Lee-Yang of HTRK
Pledge $35 or more Printed copy of issue 2 and an invite to the launch party
Pledge $50 or more Printed copy of issue 2, an invite to the launch party and a limited edition hand silk-screened L_A_N tote bag
Pledge $75 or more Printed copy of issue 2, a limited edition hand silkscreened L_A_N T-Shirt and a handwritten thank you postcard
Pledge $250 or more Life subscription to L_A_N magazine, A printed copy of issue 2 with a personal thank you note on a L_A_N postcard from editor Veronica So, a limited edition hand silkscreened T Shirt and Tote bag
Pledge $750 or more Electronic punk band TEETH will play your awesome party
Pledge $1,000 or more Bespoke advertorial for Your Product in issue 3.
Pledge $2,000 or more The L_A_N editorial and design team will make you a one-of-a-kind magazine on a subject of your choice