Sunday, 24 October 2010


A couple of weeks ago i went with two friends to downtown Bogota in the search of locations for a photoshoot ,apart of  checking cheap hotels on  a sunday evening we also went to a new art gallery name THE WAREHOUSE.
I think it was one of the best discoveries so far,something about searching locations is the fact of surprising yourself with what is behind a door,and i have to say that this gallery is AMAZING,the space,the exhibition and i can say that not even in Europe i have seen something like it.
Off course my mind was immediately at million revolutions an hour,day dreaming of all thin things I can do there,of all my friends who could have an exhibition there.
But back to reality I check their last exhibition name Outsiders,outsiders named after graffiti artists,the display was beyond words,a wall of probably 8 meters high was painted mix with the works specially made for this exhibition by some iof the most known graffiti artist around.
I felt in love with some works and i wish i was rich to buy some of them and also hope for a wall like that at home.
This gallery also has a lithography ,silkscreen and etching atelier for guest artist or courses.
So if u come to Bogota to visit me ,i will deffo take u here !!!!! A most in Town .