Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I recently made this cardboard tv for a shoot I still didn't have...
In the back you can also see some of my favourite little friends,all of them are presents from very special .....
Marc Philippe when he went to China gave to me Totoro.
Daniel when he went to Japan gave to me Shokupanman.
Carolina when she was in Barcelona gave to me Charles de Ingleterra.
Small squirrels that my mum bought in Venice.
Little clay pig with hat give it to me from a friend that has a crafts shop in Bogota,one day I was really sad.
A gnome that is actually a decoration from a christmas tree gave to me by a friend that died a year ago....
And so on... All of them have a story and sometimes I wish Toy Story really happens and that my little friends play all around my sculptures while i sleep.