Sunday, 9 September 2012


The night before I was leaving for holidays my friend Natalia had her birthday,we started the night early with mescal shoots,margaritas,mojitos and end it up with Ron,beer and everything we could find with some degree of alcohol.
I got back home at 11 am after making a show at the supermarket were we had breakfast,most people where doing grocery shopping in family and we where jumping drunk on heels everywhere,so shame.
At home I just had the time to taking off my clothes and buy my plane tickets online...Im so proud of myself I still don't know how I manage to buy Santiago de Chile,Buenos Aires,Sao Paulo ,Bogota planes...Honestly I was mega drunk.
After that I sleep 3 hours and woke up with a massive hangover,run to the shower,drive like a maniac to buy dollars and just half an hour left to pack my bag and calling a cab to get to airport.
Thanks God I was at the vip where they had lots of beer to balance my hangover and chill a bit before the 7 hour plane to Santiago.